“Our species is the only creative species, and it has only one creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of a man.”
John Steinbeck, writer

“Creativity may be the authentic experience of the infinite…It is our creativity itself that lies at the essence of our humanity… ‘Creativity’ may be the nearest one-word definition we possess for the essence of our humanity, for the true meaning of ‘soul.’”
Matthew Fox, theologian

“Everything is going to change. The question is whether we let the changes play out in increasingly destructive ways or embrace the deepening crisis as our time of opportunity. Now as never before we must unleash the creative potential of the species and direct it to democratizing our cultures and institutions and bringing ourselves into balance with one another and Earth. It is the greatest creative challenge the species has ever faced.”
David Korten, founder of YES! magazine and writer

My name is Talley Summerlin. One of the things I do is work with my wife Elizabeth Freese on a for-benefit endeavor called Deep Conversion Communications. As part of that effort I write this blog.

I am interested in the creative process, inspiration, practice and the results of human endeavors which can create or destroy, build or demolish, improve or poison. This blog will cover the human creative process as it intertwines with sustainability and spirituality.