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"Gladiolas-Red 2000" by Makoto Fujimura

"Gladiolas-Red 2000" by Makoto Fujimura

I read this great interview at The High Calling website with artist Makoto Fujimura about creativity and faith. Not much I can say that improves on what he says so well on his own. Sample:

“All of us are created to be creative in some way. We may not call ourselves artists or we may not be a professional artist; but creativity is an essence of being human. When you think about it, things that last in our memories are times when we were part of creating something. And, whether it be procreating, in terms of our families, or generating a business or creating an opportunity of mercy, or creating opportunities for people to hear the gospel—all of these are creative acts. And God calls us to that.”

Enough said. Go read it: part 1 and part 2.