Book jacket for Hugh MacLeod's upcoming "Ignore Everybody"

Book jacket for Hugh MacLeod's upcoming "Ignore Everybody"

Several years ago, like thousands of others (about 90,000 or more to date to be exact) I stumbled upon a guy named Hugh MacLeod that fired me up about the creative process. Well, I was already fired up about the creative process, so that’s not exactly right. What he did was make me feel like he was talking to me about it in such realistic terms that resonated so honestly that I got “re-fired up” about the creative process.

He was blogging and continually adding to, tweaking and re-releasing a manifesto called “How To Be Creative.” The title itself was tongue-in-cheek because, if you read it (which you should), you’ll see he has no prescription for “being creative” and essentially he is clear that, sure, you might learn something from his experiences, his wisdom, his process – but really what you should be doing is pursuing your own thing in your own way. Doggedly. Consistently. With passion.

Sounds simple and we’ve heard it all out lives in various forms (“march to your own drummer”) but pulling it off is no small feat. Somehow, Hugh makes it fun and (very) funny to read about how difficult it is to do some very simple things to maintain and expand our innate creative capacity. Things like “put the hours in,” “keep your day job,” and “the best way to get approval is not to need it.”

“How To Be Creative” has recently taken a sweet turn, I just learned: it will become a full-fledged, published work later this year. It will be called, ironically (of course) “Ignore Everbody.” I am sure that Hugh will insist he means himself as well. My advice: don’t ignore him. Read his book when it comes out (you can pre-order it at Amazon) and until then you can read “How To Be Creative” in its free PDF format.

As Hugh recently posted: “In a hundred years I’ll be dead. So will you. Before that time comes, I want to keep asking the question, ‘How do we make the world a more fun, meaningful, loving, creative place?’ I can’t think of a better way to spend the remaining time God has given me on this planet, frankly. You?”

Amen, brother.