Geez magazine's De-Motorize Your Soul Campaign

Geez magazine's De-Motorize Your Soul Campaign

As a professional communicator I have long been a fan of Adbusters magazine and publisher Kalle Lasn. They helped me stoke and maintain my more subversive nature in a sometimes stifling environment – and helped me always hold out hope that someday I could “use my powers for good.” But it was only recently that I became aware of the related publication/movement Geez magazine. Geez promotes “holy mischief in an age of fast faith.” They are, simply, Adbusters for Jesus freaks. I am liking them.

I just came across an idea, a program, a clarion call that Geez sent out several years ago but still rings true and is an idea whose time has not only come but is still aching for more support. Well, actually, the idea may not be aching for support but the earth is certainly aching for more humans to live out the idea.

The campaign is this: De-Motorize Your Soul. It blends many of my fave topics into one non-fossil-fuel-powered ball of slow-rolling goodness: God, sustainability and a powerful idea. It essentially calls us to move past oil and the ways it speeds up our lives (and the demise of our planet). The De-Motorize Your Soul campaign “frames the move away from oil as a practical experiment and an irresistible spiritual adventure.”

They’ve got a great list of spiritual exercises that include challenges like this:

– Take your soul off the road – go without motorized transportation for a day or more a week.

– Each time you walk out your front door pray: “Grant me the grace to go slow.”

In our home we’ve been trying our best to live post-car, post-oil for some time now (no small feat in Texas) and it has had a profound impact on us physically and spiritually. We’re not “there” yet, as it is a journey (like faith, like sustainability), but we’re on the path. As soon as you do not assume that you must go as fast and far as the rest of the modern world you start to prioritize things very differently, experience things in new ways, feel things more fully – and really understand how hard it is to extract yourself from dominant culture. It offers a perspective that can only be gained by self-imposing some outsider status on yourself – not a yoke many people take on willingly.

So, think about what you can do to De-Motorize Your Soul and feel the changes coming on. Every bit of the ride will not be smooth or pleasant but it will be fulfilling and it will bring you closer to God (though I have yet to find a map for that, exactly) through “irresistible spiritual adventure” and that makes it all worthwhile.