Album cover of the Bob Ezrin-produced KISS "Destroyer"

Album cover of the Bob Ezrin-produced KISS "Destroyer"

I was in a band for a long time and still write songs, so many of my heroes are in the music business. One of the people I have always admired has been Bob Ezrin. He’s worked with some of my favorite artists of all time: KISS, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, U2, Green Day and many, many more.

I started paying attention to him because when I was young his name kept popping up as I read LP liner notes around the turntable my brothers and I shared. KISS’s Destroyer in 1976? Produced by Bob Ezrin. Peter Gabriel’s first solo album in 1977? Produced by Bob Ezrin. Pink Floyd’s The Wall in 1979? Produced by Bob Ezrin. That alone would be enough to cement his legacy as someone who could channel and nurture the creative process, but in addition to those 3 albums he produced dozens of others, helped found several important musician-related nonprofits and continues to innovate in this field.

He spoke last year at one of the music industry’s biggest global conferences, MIDEM, about music and the creative process. The video of part of his appearance is only about 8 minutes long and worth a look whether you make music or paintings or socks or pre-fab sheds because his bottom line is this: creativity comes first and you should never devalue the stuff you make by calling it “content.”

In this blog I often write about where spirituality and creativity meet. Where does Bob Ezrin find his spirituality during the creative process? In the “HOLY SHIT” moment when a “deep visceral reaction” lets him know something very special and very much worth capturing is happening. To that I say “Amen!”

(special thanks to my brother Paul for sharing this video with me)